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ISSN 1214-8725
Číslo/Ročník/Rok: 3/XIII/2016 - Summer 2016


Autor: Pavel Žďárský

Komenského teologie výchovy a zrození české filosofie výchovy (Článek)

Autor: Zuzana Svobodová
Abstract: Comenius’ Theology of Education and the birth of Czech Philosophy of Education. (Article) – Zuzana Svobodová’s article is dedicated to Radim Palouš and Jaroslava Pešková, who introduced Philosophy of Education at Charles University as a postgraduate field of study in 1997. By doing so, the ...

Obrazy spravedlnosti v románu Zločin a trest (Článek)

Autor: Robert Kuthan
Abstract: Images of justice in the novel Crime and Punishment. (Article) – The rather misleading title Crime and Punishment may lead to a misinterpretative reading of this great philosophical novel. We intend to do justice to this fact by treating this literary text as a creation in which the concep ...

Pojetí morální integrity jako průsečíku filosofického a psychologického chápaní morálky (Článek)

Autor: David Krámský
Abstract: Moral integrity concept as intersection of psychological and philosophical account of morality. (Article) – The contribution tries to point out the linkage between the concept of virtue and modern empirical account of moral integrity. The author differentiates two basal research empirical ...

Poznámky k filosofii výchovy (Článek)

Autor: Jan Řezník
Abstract: Notes on philosophy of education. (Article) – The purpose of this article is to present to the readers the concept of education as a means of directing oneself towards truth and as a path to authentic life. The knowledge that one acquires through education does not have factual or exactly ...

Teologický rozměr výchovy (Článek)

Autor: Alena Bernardová
Abstract: Theological dimension of education. (Article) – The need to divert education from heading towards a purpose to heading towards meaning requires to step over the boundaries of philosophy of education and recognise a transcendental dimension of education, namely its theological nature. Treat ...