ISSN 1214-8725
Číslo/Ročník/Rok: 2/VI/2009 - Spring 2009


Autor: Pavel Žďárský

Problém celku v kontextu vzdělávání (nejen environmentálního) (Článek)

Autor: Jana Dlouhá
Abstract: The “Whole” as a Philosophical Problem in the Context of (not only Environmental) Education. (Article) – The “whole” is a term that in the context of scientific knowledge is perceived as a more or less concrete, affecting entity which can be constructed as a “sum of parts”. In the field of ...

Pojetí dokonalého jazyka u Komenského a Leibnize II (Článek)

Autor: Tomáš Grulich
Abstract: The Concept of the Perfect Language for Comenius and Leibniz II. (Article) – The author shows: (1) which ideas and principles effort to create an artificial, universal language of Comenius on the one hand and Leibniz on the other hand has been led along, (2) to what rules or schemas their ...

Filosofie výchovy mezi vědami (a intence celku) I (Článek)

Autor: Zbyněk Zicha
Abstract: Philosophy of Education between Sciences (and Intention of the Whole) I. (Article) – The article deals with a problem of relationship between the philosophy of education and science in general terms. Author attempts to reflect the situation of Czech philosophy of education and explain it b ...

K Reimerovu chápání pojmu „Artistic Creation“ (Článek)

Autor: Petr Drkula
Abstract: To Reimer’s Understandig of Notion “Artistic Creation”. (Article) – Anglo-American discussion of recent years concerned with a fundamental aspects of music creativity also proceeds in sphere of music education with general views of this subject. A conception of B. Reimer is perceived as on ...

Dva aspekty myšlení: znak a jeho fungování v lidské představivosti (Článek)

Autor: Mikuláš Horský
Abstract: Two Aspects of Thought: Sign and its Function in Human Imagination. (Article) – The author searches proofs of functioning of a metaphor and a metonomy, which he considers analogical to terms an icon and an index from CH. S. Peirce’s semiotic. These proofs are found in the animated nature, ...