ISSN 1214-8725
Číslo/Ročník/Rok: 2–3/VIII/2011 - Summer 2011 – monothematic issue on Media and Philosophy


Autor: Jana Kuklová, Zbyněk Zicha

Transparence a medialita (Článek)

Autor: Jiří Bystřický
Abstract: Transparency and Mediality. (Article) – In the beginning of the 20th Century painting gets to the stage gets where it was capable of displaying a pure relationship. It is understood in an aesthetic context: that such a relationship, which derives its claim to univerzal testimony. To distin ...

Motivy zrcadlení ve filmu Zrcadlo Andreje Tarkovského (Článek)

Autor: Iva Gajdošíková
Abstract: Motives of Mirroring in Andrei Tarkovsky’s Film The Mirror. (Article) – The introduction to Andrei Tarkovsky’s The Mirror is the key to understanding the entire film. Control, knowledge and coming to grips with oneself are the main themes here. However, one cannot directly gain control ove ...

Privace a její úloha v myšlení (Článek)

Autor: Anna Hogenová
Abstract: Privation and its Role in Thinking. – The article accents a forgotten opposite from Aristotles’ point of view in his role of knowledge. It goes about an important input to the understanding of the world in the media sphere. It is necessary to understand the negation from the philosophical ...

Prázdné médium a otázka smyslu (Článek)

Autor: Jana Kuklová
Abstract: Empty Medium and the Question of Meaning. (Article) – The authoress reflects on the concept of medium as a thing. She refers to the emptiness of the medium and to the question of meaning. She examines the relationship between the media and the authenticity of human being.

Média jako demokratický veřejný prostor? (Článek)

Autor: Vojtěch Mašek
Abstract: Media as Democratic Public Space. (Article) – This paper explores the potential of the present-day traditional and new media to establish an “open space” of action, deliberation and political participation of democratic citizens. In the light of four selected models of media public space p ...

Přelet na počátky kinematografie (Článek)

Autor: Markéta Pávková
Abstract: Flyover to Beginnigs of Cinematography. (Article) – The present article is a dialog between early film history and philosophy. The film is regarded as medium. The problems arise from basic questions: When has the film become the medium? What does characterize the film as medium? Is filmgoe ...

Média a naše porozumění světu (a našemu místu v něm) (Článek)

Autor: Klára Pirklová
Abstract: Media and Our Understanding of the World (and Our Place in It). (Article) – The article focuses on our experience in the age of mass media. It explores relations between mediated experience, human authenticity and the dichotomy of sacred and profane. It raises a question, if we are able to ...

Antropologie těla: úpravy, disciplinace a semiotizace těla (Článek)

Autor: Martin Soukup
Abstract: Anthropology of the Body: Modifications, Disciplination and Semiotization of the Body. (Article) – The object of the paper is anthropology of the body as a branch of anthropology as such. The authors distinguish between organic and cultural dimension of the human body. Anthropology examine ...

(Ne)mediálnost filosofie (Článek)

Autor: Zuzana Svobodová
Abstract: (Non)mediality of Philosophy. (Article) – Can philosophy play an intermediary role (that of a medium)? If so, what does philosophy have to mediate in particular (can it do so?) and to whom? (That is, between whom is philosophy the intermediary/instrument/medium?) Is philosophy a public mat ...

Umění komunikace jako médium u Milana Machovce (Článek)

Autor: Jiří Šlégl
Abstract: Die Kunstkommunikation als das Medium bei Milan Machovec. (Article) – Dieses Thema arbeitet über die Problematik der menschlichen Selbstverständlichkeiten und über die grundlegenden Zugänge, die diese scheinbare Sicherheiten problematisieren. Milan Machovec als der Meister des Dialogs und ...

Médium filmu, filosofie, obraz (Článek)

Autor: Katrin Vodrážková
Abstract: Filmmedium, Philosophie, Bild. (Article) – Das Thema des Textes konzentriert sich auf die Fragen des Filmmediums im Vergleich mit dem Medium der Fotografie als der erste Fall von dem technischen Bild. Zusammen mit Begriffen wie Bewegung, Raum und Zeit, durch die zur Transformation der des ...