ISSN 1214-8725
Číslo/Ročník/Rok: 1–2/IX/2012 - Spring 2012

Characteristic Purposes of Professional Sports (Conference paper)

Autor: Alexander Pavlovič Škljarenko, Tatiana Grigorjevna Kovalenková
Abstract: Charakteristická účelovost profesionálního sportu. (Referát) – Příspěvek popisuje aspekty sportovní profesionalizace, které vedou k vůli vyhrávat za všech okolností, bez ohledu na následky pro člověka.

Keywords: sport, competition, person, life


Klíčová slova: sport, soutěžení, osoba, život


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Today the professional character of sports which are especially brightly shown at level of sports of record achievements, Olympic sports officially admits. The increasing number of the international federations by sports kinds will organize competitions at the expense of sponsors – the firms introducing in sports laws of business. Financial dependence on sponsors inevitably compels federations of fans the activity to connect with professionalism: to allow “fans” to advertise for money production of sponsors, to receive huge monetary fees for performances, fantastic prizes for victories – all more deeply to plunge into struggle abyss for money.


They are compelled to allow to act to the former fans (present professionals) at all competitions, including an Olympic forum which on a plan pursues one aim – to unite sportsmen in their aspiration to the higher perfection. Olympic movement professional, and after it professional becomes sports movement in the countries of an Olympic family, including in our country. The professional goes under slogans of necessity of protection of honors of the country, preservation of unity of Olympic movement, strengthening of international contacts, increases of well-being of sportsmen, strengthening’s of material resources of sports, etc.


Not casually in wide polemic about necessity of professionalization of sports arguments are scooped from an advertising arsenal: the profit, benefit, high earnings, and seldom recollect that sports – sphere of education of citizens and that since olden days and in all countries the educational system is on grants of that society, which interests it urged to protect.


Transition to self-support is necessary for lab our productivity lifting in collapsing manufacture of material benefits, but becomes disastrous for a science (especially fundamental), for formation, for art. Laws of reception of profit which have started to operate in sphere of sports with transition of the sports organizations to self-support, already show the decomposing action; to the children’s sports schools which do not have the base, refuse in rent (the payment is too high), deficiency of the sports goods is aggravated, earlier free employment in health groups at stadiums and pools become paid and consequently inaccessible for 9/10 engaged. The high wages in the co-operative physical education-sports organizations have already caused outflow of qualified personnel from system of the state and trade-union physical training and sports, quality of work in these for the present the popular organizations decreases.


Replacement of sense of sports «with law relentlessness» reconstructs activity of the professional – the sports businessman. This activity is penetrated (differently cannot be) a deceit through. In an attractive wrapper with an inscription “sports” he sells to the spectator something only outwardly similar to sports: competition in which the outcome is predetermined in advance and well paid both to sportsmen, and judges (in our present football more than 60 % of official matches “are sold” in advance, about it it is openly told on plenum of the football union, it does impossible, in particular, the scientific analysis of competitive activity of football players – about it time and again was spoken at protection of dissertations on preparation of football players); the spectator sees a record birth, not suspecting that it at all demonstration of power of the person, and activity of monsters, whose human nature is deformed by hormonal, psychotropic and other preparations, blood dopes.


Deceive not only the spectator, but also a society, the state. The salary to nonexistent trainers is charged, the means allocated for carrying out of gathering and competitions are appropriated, the scarce sport stock allocated for sports sections is on sale “on the left”; inner-union trips are used for gamble by the scarce goods, and foreign – for an illicit trade by everything, that it is possible to sell more favorably on either side of frontier. In criminal business under the slogan «the Victory all will write off!» Heads of sports, trainers, sportsmen, those who adjoins to them in their trading operations are involved. What damage is put by this system to people, collectives, a society as a whole, spoiling their concepts about norms of morals?! The unselfishness principle is ruthlessly expelled from professional sports, through it and other principles of humanism and companionable interaction and together with principles unnecessary there are also sports with its humane maintenance.


(T. Kovalenko teaches at the Branch of the Kuban State University in Slavyansk-on-Kubani; A. Shklyarenko at Volgograd State University.)