ISSN 1214-8725
Číslo/Ročník/Rok: 1–2/IX/2012 - Spring 2012

Victory of any Valuable as the Antihumane Purpose of Sports (Conference paper)

Autor: Tatiana Grigorjevna Kovalenková, Alexander Pavlovič Škljarenko
Abstract: Vítězství za každou cenu jako protilidský cíl sportu. (Referát) – Příspěvek řeší problém komercionalizace sportu v moderní společnosti a její důsledky na atlety jako osoby.

Keywords: sport, competition, person, life


Klíčová slova: sport, soutěžení, osoba, život


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Sports can exist only in that case when it satisfies a certain requirement of a society. Supervision of today’s sports opens its main value – a victory. On it encouragements of sportsmen and slogans are directed system of qualification of workers. Many researchers come to conclusion about immorality of modern “big” sports. Behind the back of sports stars – millions others who does not come into the view of journalists and television cameramen. However and these characters of tragedy under the name “sports” also aspire to a victory, also fanatically take up limiting and other-wordly loadings, losing health, and together with it dream – to become the winner. And it is typical for sports, when its purpose – a victory.


Accepting development of abilities of the person to a maximum as the sports purpose, the head will estimate effect by criterion of progressing engaged, and progress of collectives – on indicators of progressing of its members. The trainer who has apprehended this purpose of sports, will construct the activity so that its pupil constantly and during all time of employment improved indicators of the development. The deceit of opponents or judges, application of stimulators, forging of documents which can quite provide a victory, never will provide progress of the sportsman – their application excludes possibility of achievement of the purposes of sports. The sportsman, who has accepted this purpose of sports, receives real stimulus of activity: perfection, aspiration to the maximum development of the abilities – natural desire of the person; having accepted this purpose, any person can become the sportsman irrespective of level of own endowments.


Such stimulus is not present, if the purpose is the victory: only one becomes the winner, only the few apply for a victory really. For the majority this purpose is irrational, it is rejected by experience and reason, the person does not dare to join in sports, putting a barrier to itself in the aspiration to become better. In this case official selection of “perspective” amplifies internal “self-selection”, inclusion possibility in sports for each interested person is minimum. It is easy to draw a conclusion on basic incompatibility of such position and the central idea of a humane society – «free development of everyone is a condition of free development of all».


It is known, that more than 85 % of members of national teams of Russia have chronic infringements of health; that annually the structure of national teams is updated on 2/3; those who does not maintain the ordered loadings are deducted. Sportsmen openly speak recently about danger of training and competitive loadings and necessity of a provision of pensions in connection with harm of a trade.


Whether will lose sports of the sharpness, staginess if the victory loses value of the purpose? Certainly, no. In the ending of superiority of the world on football there were no our commands, however final duels from it did not lose appeal to the spectator. The sports record which accomplice of an establishment it is, observing, empathizing is necessary to the true fan, identifying itself with the winner. Empathy – the main value of sports as shows. The empathy to noble struggle improves; the empathy to the swindler aspiring to a victory at any cost, transforms the spectator into reflexion of this swindler. What it is more necessary to the person and a society? The conclusion arises by itself.


In sports where the victory is not the purpose, and only expresses progress of the sportsman, sacrifice by the sportsman for the sake of a victory is excluded; necessity of speeding up of preparation, application of stimulators, struggle dishonest methods disappears. Moreover, everyone – in the beginning and always over himself, then over more and more strong contenders can become the winner.


And if on Olympic Games our sportsmen win not? Whether we will drop prestige of the state? The authority of the state is created if to look at things sensibly, not on sports arenas. The state prestige only will raise that best of the best will not be transformed into invalids to term of carrying out of following competitions. Sports and sports victories should express efficiency of efforts of the society directed on perfection of people, instead of a system effectiveness of preparation of champions from human raw materials.


(T. Kovalenko teaches at the Branch of the Kuban State University in Slavyansk-on-Kubani; A. Shklyarenko at Volgograd State University.)