ISSN 1214-8725
Číslo/Ročník/Rok: 4/X/2013 - Autumn 2013


Autor: Mikuláš Horský

Edmund Husserl a možnost filosofického života (Článek)

Autor: David Rybák
Abstract: Edmund Husserl and a Possibility of Philosophical Life. (Article) – In this text, we would like to deal with the problem of the inner possibility of the philosophical life today with constant respect to the basic terms of Husserl’s phenomenology.

Myšlenky o dnešku (Článek)

Autor: Anna Hogenová
Abstract: Thoughts about Today. (Article) – The text introduces a critique of Cartesian knowledge and brings reflection of the role of whole without margo in today’s world. It describes predestination of our lives due to systems that we hadn’t created, we don’t wish to accept, and we hadn’t chosen. ...

Několik poznámek k antropologii Pierra Teilharda de Chardin s ohledem na filosofii výchovy (Článek)

Autor: Michal Černý
Abstract: Some Notes on the Anthropology of Pierre Teilhard de Chardin with Regard to the Philosophy of Education. (Article) – Pierre Teilhard de Chardin certainly one of the most original and intellectually influential thinkers of the twentieth century. The paper tries to offer some selected though ...

Humanista Tomáš G. Masaryk (Článek)

Autor: Petr Kalenský
Abstract: Humanist Tomáš G. Masaryk. (Article) – Dieser Artikel zeigt Ansichten von Tomas Masaryk. Es beschäftigt sich hauptsächlich mit seiner Philosophie, Ethik und Beziehung zur Religion. Das wichtigste Element seiner Lehre war Humanismus.

Axiologické konštanty poetickej tvorby Milana Rúfusa (Článek)

Autor: Lenka Melicherová
Abstract: Axiological Constants of Milan Rufus’ Poetic Creation. (Article) – Since the mid-twentieth century, Milan Rufus has been part of the most important poets of the Slovak literature. The author understands the full-valuable existence of a literary work as conditioned by a constant intermingli ...

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