ISSN 1214-8725
Číslo/Ročník/Rok: 2/XIII/2016 - Spring 2016


Autor: Pavel Žďárský

Příspěvek k interpretaci čistého já (Článek)

Autor: David Rybák
Abstract: Contribution to the interpretation of pure ego. (Article) – Starting from the issue of pedagogy and its position within the theoretical and scientifical mainframe and its assuptions regarding the concept of human being, we are dealing in this text with the problem of the pure ego in Husser ...

Jan Hus jako učitel (II.): Požadavky rektora na studenta, absolventa univerzity (Článek)

Autor: Zuzana Svobodová
Abstract: Jan Hus as Teacher (II.): His Requirements towards Students, University Graduates, during his Rectorship. (Article) – Dealing with the role of Jan Hus as Rector of Charles University, the author focuses on Jan Hus’s perception of pupils, students who graduated from the Faculty of Arts. On ...

Komenského Boží svět jako „pochmurný chaos temnot“ (Článek)

Autor: Miriam Prokešová
Abstract: Comenius’ God’s world as “gloomy darkness of chaos”. (Article) – According to Comenius human beings are beings of three lights – inner light (soul), external life (physical body) and the light of God. Human beings are also both microtheos and microcosmos. Microtheos means that we carry God ...

Hlas o-povážlivce na poušti (Článek)

Autor: Jiří Sůva
Abstract: The voice of the dared thinker in the desert. (Article) – The text draws attention to the spreading of the desert of non-thinking in relation to the already long-term direction of the concept of “learning” which pushes the contact with the thought-provoking out of education. This reduces t ...

Esej o návratu (Esej)

Autor: Miroslav Joukl
Abstract: The essay on a return. (Essay) – Returns belong to the greatest themes of philosophy. They reproduce the world, way of life and human relationships. With returns the philosophy renews thinking, seeing, language and helps to understand the human condition.