ISSN 1214-8725
Číslo/Ročník/Rok: 2/II/2005 - Spring 2005


Autor: Pavel Žďárský

Problémové okruhy filozofie techniky (článek)

Autor: Ladislav Tondl
Abstract: Problematic points in the philosophy of technology. – Thematic overview with accents on the points explored by the author. The world of technology is not possible to characterise or simply specify by single criteria. The world of technology creates and party also supplements or substitutes ...

Jaspers jako filosof (článek)

Autor: Ladislav Hejdánek
Abstract: Jaspers as a philosopher. – Jaspers was trying to formulate distinction between philosophy and science. Philosophy can not be science in the sense of some universally valid knowledge. Therefore philosophy must define itself towards science, but on the other hand it must create systematical ...

Sókratovská ARETÉ. Patočkova interpretace (článek)

Autor: Janina Moskalová
Abstract: Sokrates ARETÉ. (Patočkas Auslegung.) – Wenn Chairefón in Delfy gefragt hat ob jemand weiser als Sókrates ist, Weissagerin Pýthie – Vermittlerin des göttlichen Nachrichten antwortete: niemand. Sokrates war überrascht, er war sich nicht über seine Weisheit bewußt. Weiter untersuchte Sokrate ...

Vz-duch: Pohyby života III (článek)

Autor: Zuzana Svobodová
Abstract: The present third reflection paper on „Life Motions“ addresses the topic of another element, air/spirit. The author enters three paths exploring what effects this element can have. First, she reflects upon why one of the Pre-Socratics identified red to be the quality of this element. She m ...

Erich Fromm: ke kořenům etiky (článek)

Autor: Pavel Žďárský
Abstract: Erich Fromm: to roots of ethics. – Fromm’s separation from the religious practise was at the same time compensated by an attempt for a new, unreligious rewording of the tradition of his nation, which in many aspects stayed close to the content of Jewish tradition. It is for example apparen ...

O užitku a škodě pochybností pro život. (Úvahy Nietzscheovské) (referát)

Autor: Zdeněk Neubauer
Abstract: Of usefulness and harm of doubts for life. (Nietzsche’s reflections.) – Notes for a contribution to EDO 2005. Modern time was born through overcoming of radical doubt by finding the ultimate assurance, which became the beginning of the universal progress (méthode) leading a moral man towar ...

Podněty k filosofii výchovy: Wilfred Carr, Philosophy and Education, Journal of Philosophy of Education, Vol. 38, č. 1/2004, s. 55–73 (recenze)

Autor: Miloslav Průka
Abstract: The study written by W. Carr from University of Sheffield demonstrates up to date problems of the relationship between philosophy and education and in this respect can be thought-provoking even for our own inquiry in this field. The author tries to describe what is lying at the root of the ...

Holokaust – pokus o filozofickou reflexi (dokument doby)

Autor: Tomáš Halík
Abstract: A Philosophical View of the Holocaust Phenomenon. – Presented at an international conference about holocaust at the Prague Castle in October 1997. Organised violence trying to totally erase human communities of millions only for reasons of certain social or racial categories, acts of viole ...