ISSN 1214-8725
Číslo/Ročník/Rok: 1/III/2006 - Winter 2006 – monothematic issue on Multiculturalism


Autor: Naděžda Pelcová

Fenomén identity jako problém

Autor: Anna Hogenová
Abstract: The phenomenon of identity as a problem. – The article is dedicated to the problem of identity from phenomenological point of view. The phenomenon „Selbst“ has to be in harmony with the egoity. The base for this harmony is created through the care about soul (Epiméleia). The most important ...

Idea multikulturality v kontextu západního (evropského) myšlení

Autor: David Krámský
Abstract: Problem of multiculturality in west(European) thinking context. – The article considers the question "what is multiculturalism" from the standpoint of Husserl‘s phenomenology and Lévinas‘ and Derrida‘s thoughts. The article intends to make a reference both to the actual possibilities, cond ...

Kulturní hermeneutika – vertikály a horizontály. Poznámky k multikulturní výchově

Autor: Marek Fajfr
Abstract: The cultural hermeneutic – verticals and horizontals. Notes to the multicultural education. – The author tries to reveal problem of "multicultural education" from hermeneutical point of view. He tries to show two dimensions of our fundamental approach to the "world itself" – horizontal and ...

Role umění v multikulturní výchově

Autor: Miloslava Blažková
Abstract: The role of Art in the multicultural Education. – The article deals with the role of art within the multicultural education. It describes the stages of multiculturalism and false multiculturalism. The article shows that the European civilization has problems with the inter-cultural relatio ...

Svět Neslyšících

Autor: Olga Maierová
Abstract: The World of the Deaf. – The deaf people deal with their dual relationship towards the majority society. On one hand they define themselves by using the sign language and want to be accepted as a language minority. On the other hand they try to fully integrate themselves into the “hearing” ...

Sémantické modely multikulturality

Autor: Naděžda Pelcová
Abstract: The semantic models of multiculturalism. – The article deals with five semantic models of the concept of multiculturalism. Multiculturalism is perceived as an ideal, as a deconstruction of the American culture and of the western values, as a political construct and strategy and as a featur ...

Několik poznámek k tématu náboženství a multikulturalita

Autor: Jakub S. Trojan
Abstract: Notes on the topic of religion and multiculturalism. – Before the study of the subject will be systematically performed, the differentiation of both Religion and Multiculturalism should be reflected; at the same time the complexity of Religion and Multiculturalism as each other mutually ef ...

Společenství tradičních církví jako jedno z paradigmat multikulturní společnosti. (Několik podnětů k diskusi na téma „náboženské dimenze multikultural

Autor: Jiří Vogel
Abstract: Die Gemeinschaft der traditionellen Kirchen als eines von Paradigmen der multikulturellen Gesellschaft. – Der Aufsatz weist an, dass die ökumenische Gemeinschaft der Kirchen das Urbild für ein ruhiges Zusammenleben werden konnte, weil es um die selbständige Kulturwesen geht. Der Aufsatz be ...

Dialogy. Několik poznámek k diskusi o náboženské dimenzi multikulturalismu

Autor: Miloslav Průka
Abstract: Dialogue. Notes on the discussion about religious dimension of multiculturalism. – This article wants to show some features of multicultural, especially interreligious dialogue. In its centre is the question of possibilities of various dialogues based on different presuppositions and expec ...

Misie a mezináboženský dialog

Autor: Tomáš Machula
Abstract: Mission and interreligious dialogue. – If religion is understood as an anthropological constant and if we realize – with Hans Küng – that there is no peace among nations without peace among religions then is no reason to doubt about urgency of interreligious contacts and education of the p ...

Marginální skupiny v multikulturní společnosti

Autor: Věra Halászová
Abstract: Marginalized groups in a multicultural society. – This article brings the evidence of marginalized sociocultural (nationality and religious) groups in our society, which aspires to be a part of the larger multicultural European society. All parts (societies) within this European society ar ...

Multikulturní výchova jako problém aneb Od multikulturní výchovy k nedogmatickému a deetnizovanému prostoru pro adaptivní sebe-pojetí

Autor: Petra Morvayová
Abstract: Multicultural education as a problem. – The text point out the problems of theory and practice of the multicultural and intercultural education. In spite of critique, the text doesn’t aims to abnegation of theory and practice of intercultural education as such. Article looks up the dichoto ...

Multikulturní výchova v podmínkách globalizace a regionalizace světového hospodářství

Autor: Milena Tichá
Abstract: Multicultural education in the circumstances of globalization and regionalization of the world economy. – The goal of this article is to comprehend the inconsistencies in the parallel processes of globalisation and regionalisation in the multicultural world. The article’s main aim is the a ...

Multikulturalismus z českého hlediska

Autor: Marek Hrubec
Abstract: Multiculturalism from the Czech Perspective. – An essay is an introductory study of the theme of multiculturalism from the czech perspective. It analyses a structure of minority groups in the Czech Republic, and explains it in the framework of limits and prospects of intercultural relation ...

Multikulturalismus dnes: pojmy, metafory

Autor: Oleg Suša
Abstract: Multiculturalism today: conceptions, metaphors. – The study analyses important concepts related to the social contexts of multiculturalism as assimilation, anomy, deprivation, cultural diffusion, ethnocentrism, identity, inclusive community, marginalisation, socialisation, pluralism atc. S ...